1. What is V34?
  • V34 uses special technology to make your teeth look better. It's made with two types of dyes that dissolve in water. Together, they create a deep purple color that helps improve your smile.
    V34 is for those who want to enhance the brightness of their teeth after whitening or already have very white teeth.
2. Is V4 safe for daily use?
  • Yes, V4 is safe for daily use. However, we recommend following the instructions provided to achieve the best results without overuse
3. Is it okay to use V34 Colour Corrector with veneers, caps, implants, bridges, or bonded teeth?
  • V34 is safe for dental work as it offers a gentle form of whitening. However, we suggest not applying it directly to these dental enhancements, as it's designed for natural teeth color correction. It's always best to consult your dentist before use to ensure compatibility with your dental work.